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Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet! (Or Any Holiday)

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

This isn't my typical recipe post. The purpose of this post is to give you a couple of ideas for easy but delicious dishes to make or bring to your Thanksgiving gathering. These can be translated for any holiday get together, but since it's November, 'tis the season! To keep things short and sweet, below are some suggestions for making your holiday bites a bit yummier!

Everything below is hyperlinked to the recipe for your convenience :)

Who doesn't love a big scoop (or 3) or mac and cheese? Plus, this is all stove-top so you don't have to use up your oven space on a day that requires so much oven use.

Mashed Potato Bake (aka Make-Ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes)

The answer to your potato predicament. Make them the day before then bake them the day-of. They will be so delicious and creamy, your guests won't even know you didn't make them that day.

It can't all be carbs, plus I love a good roasted veggie. These are super simple and the honey gives them an extra touch to make them feel holiday special.

Gooey brie and crescent roll dough. Need I say more? So easy to prep but looks really impressive. It even travels well if you have to travel to your party.

Crunchy, cheesy, potatoey. Comes together in a snap and you can do it all ahead of time. Just pop in the oven when you're about an hour from eating. They also taste great room temp. Just sayin'.

A twist on the classic side. Add a little flavor (but don't worry, not spice) to your green beans this year.

These technically say "breakfast sausage" on the recipe, but you can swap for Italian sausage. Or leave them with breakfast sausage for a brunchy vibe. Two ingredients is all you need and they taste great hot or room temp.

Light, gluten free, vegetarian and no cooking required. You're welcome.

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